Best Discursive Essay Writing Tips



Writing an essay will be very easy for you if you can express your ideas by using appropriate language. There are many types of essays and students are not familiar with them. One type is a discursive essay. It is quite difficult because you have to present both sides of the picture in a short essay.

With the advent of the internet, access to any type of information is not an issue anymore. This makes it easy for students to write a discursive essay. Assignment writing services are also easily available these days with the help of the internet. Students can hire professional essay writers from CIPD assignment help if they are not able to write a discursive essay on their own.

 Structure of a Discursive Essay

 Plan and structure your essay properly. Here is a brief overview that can help you to do that. Read on and find out more.


 Begin the discursive essay by introducing the topic and try to capture the attention of the reader through the introduction. Summarize the key points that are going to be discussed in the preceding paragraphs in the introduction. Try to develop the interest of the reader in the essay as much as you can. Add some unique information that the reader could not find anywhere else.

 Preceding Paragraphs

 After completing the introduction, the next few paragraphs of a discursive essay should present the positive side of the essay topics and the next couple of paragraphs should focus on highlighting the drawbacks and issues related to the topic. The beauty of a discursive essay lies in describing both sides of the picture so that reader can make a decision easily. Analyze the topic from different angles.

You can use your own experiences as examples or provide some examples from other sources as well. You will have to give reasons for going against an argument and prove your point to justify your argument. Do not try to force your opinion on the reader. Your essay should do justice to both positive and negative aspects of the topic. Are you not sure about the aspects of essay writing thus contact a professional writing service in UK for quality guideline?


You have to respect the point of view you disagree with and give reasons why you disagree with. In conclusion, you have to wind up the essay by summarizing the complete essay in a couple of sentences. You have to provide supporting evidence to prove it in your conclusion part because you will have to wrap up the essay. Give your opinion and final verdict at the very end of the conclusion.


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